1967 Porsche 912 Coupe

Our 1967 Porsche 912 Coupe began its life on the West Coast with its original owner in Nevada and remained there until 2006. When it eventually made its way to the East Coast and into the hands of Gaswerks Garage, it went through a full restoration to its rightful condition, with some tasteful additions and modifications along the way.

Upon first glance, our 912 may seem unassuming. But look closer, and you will notice many of the subtle changes that were made. The rally- inspired look is evident from the front rally lights installed, as well as the yellow foglights underneath. The upper fog lights retain the factory style bulbs, while the lower fog lights have been converted to LED bulbs inside the original housing for increased visibility.

Our car sports a more aggressive stance than a standard 912 thanks to a lowered suspension. Coupled with the silver painted 15″ steel wheels mounted to reproduction vintage tires, (as opposed to the original Fuchs style wheels) this look helps add to the car’s rally appeal. Behind these wheels are upgraded lightweight vented disc brakes in the front and rear coupled to with a dual circuit brake master cylinder which helps decrease stopping distance for a more spirited driving experience.

Under the bonnet hides this 912’s biggest secret- a stroker motor. Increasing displacement from 1.6 to 2.2L almost doubles the 912’s power output to a peak of 160bhp, a massive improvement over the 85bhp from the factory Flat-4, well into 911 territory. With the engine fully rebuilt with the stroker kit and freshly serviced, an upgraded clutch was installed to handle the increased power output. All of this pipes through a stainless steel sport muffler. Additionally, 4th gear was swapped in favor of a longer overdrive gear ratio for highway speeds, as well as a 100L fuel tank.

Turn back time and step into the 912’s cabin, and you will see that the theme of restoration with tasteful additions is consistent with the rest of the car. The gauges, dashboard and steering wheel are original to the car and needed no restoration. The seats were refinished in the original black leather with corduroy inserts that provide a considerable amount of comfort, and the driver and passenger are secured by vintage aircraft- style lap belts. A 917 inspired wooden shift knob was installed- a favorite among many Gaswerks builds. RundenMeister rally watches were mounted to the stainless steel dashboard, adding not only looks but functionality for the enthusiast rally driver as well.

Topping off this build is a Rennline silver and wood roof rack that completes the overall theme of the build. Seen on many period Porsche rally cars of its era, this addition is yet another tasteful touch by the minds of Gaswerks.

Our 1967 Porsche 912 Coupe is one of many Gaswerks Garage creations that stands as a testament to craftsmanship, heritage and delivering an unmatched 912 driving experience.

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