2015 Maserati Quattroporte SQ4

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Mileage: 44097 — VIN: ZAM56RRA3F1131832

The current and sixth-generation of the Quattroporte was introduced in early 2013. With a 124.8 in wheelbase it is a considerably larger vehicle than any of its predecessors. The new Quattroporte was designed at a special Maserati-only department within the Fiat Group Centro Stile design centre, under the guidance of ex-Pininfarina designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti. Drivetrains, platform, suspension, and body elements such as the front doors are common to the Quattroporte. The Quattroporte is manufactured at the Officine Maserati Grugliasco plant in Grugliasco, near Turin. The current-generation of the Quattroporte was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2013. Production started in November 2012. The Quattroporte is equipped with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine; available with Q4 four-wheel drive. The Quattroporte uses a mixed steel and aluminum unibody chassis. Front and rear crash structures, the shock towers, the front wings, all four doors, the engine bonnet and the boot lid are made of aluminum.  Front suspension uses unequal length wishbones with a forged aluminum upright/hub carrier, and an anti-roll bar; rear suspension is a 5-link, with four aluminum links and a larger, steel fifth lower arm that also serves as a spring seat. A front aluminum subframe supports the engine by two mounting points; the steering rack and the lower suspension arms. A rear subframe, made of steel, houses the differential and supports all of the five suspension links. Unlike the predecessors, the new Quattroporte has frameless doors. The Quattroporte is offered with a 3.0-liter 60° twin-turbocharged V6 generating a maximum power output of 410 PS (302 kW; 404 hp).  The engines are designed and assembled by Ferrari. The V6 engine blocks are cast and machined to Ferrari’s specifications respectively in Chrysler’s Kokomo, Indiana and Trenton Engine Plant from where they are then shipped to the Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy for assembly.