Gaspare Fasulo

Master Restoration & Service Technician

Favorite vehicle: 1968 Porsche 911R

Gaspare's love of engineering and mechanics was inspired by watching his engineer based father and uncles. As he absorbed and learned from many different experiences growing up, he turned his greatest interests into widespread accomplishments and a successful career today. This same love rooted inside him as a small child fuels his passion for cars that remains instilled in him today. With over 30 years of automotive expertise and 25 years of experience as a professional Porsche technician, he has close to perfected his trade. His hard work ethic and determination working with all types of people, cars, and their stories led him to establish his specialization on air-cooled Porsches. Gaspare's endless amounts of knowledge and understanding for his rare gift of engineering has enabled him to create multiple connections among well-respected networks all over the country.

Tony Sulaj

Service Manager & Project Advisor

Favorite vehicle: 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350R

Tony developed a passion for cars at a young age, watching his father work on cars. He drove his first car—a 1987 Oldsmobile 422—at the age of 13, which he borrowed from his father one night… oops! Tony has taken that passion and turned it into a career which has spanned almost 22 years and counting. His attention to detail and knowledge of vintage and exotic cars can make your repair or restoration vision come true.

Francesco Deodino

Parts Manager

Favorite vehicle: Ferrari F40

Francesco entered the automotive industry back in 2002. He has spent the last 14 years of his career working with Volkswagens, Audis and Porsches both in the shop as a mechanic and also in the parts department, first starting off as a counterman and then working his way up to becoming a parts manager. His hobbies include motorsports, guitars, and animal rescue. When he isn’t at the parts counter sourcing out restoration parts from all over the world for the various Porsches being restored at Gaswerks Garage, he can be found at the drag strip racing his Volkswagen GTI and watching his friends race their cars or at the animal shelter caring for rescued cats and kittens and helping to get them adopted.

Suzie Pelc

Service Advisor

Favorite vehicle: Lamborghini URUS

I’ve been around cars since I was 13 years old and working in the car industry for over 8 years. I started off with classic Cadillacs and Mustangs. If I had to pick an everyday car it would be the Lamborghini Urus. As I grew up my car obsession grew, I started customizing my friend’s vehicles and going to every Cars and Coffee event there was. I enjoy being around exotic cars and meeting new people and that’s how I’ve become a Service Advisor. I love helping others and I’m around cars all day. What more can you ask for?

Eddie Jones

Sales Manager

Favorite vehicle: Lamborghini Countach

I fell in love with cars when I was a young boy. I had a calendar on my bedroom wall with photos of a different sport car each month. When I got the month with the Lamborghini Countach photo I never changed that page of the calendar for years until I got a new calendar one year with pictures of all Lambos on it. I began my career in the auto industry in 2008 at Prestige BMW. That was over 10 years ago and I have been a part of the Prestige family ever since. I have been a sales and finance manager at Prestige with the BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, Lamborghini and Gaswerks Garage brands. I enjoy the interaction of dealing with people and cars. I also enjoy how the “love of cars” can connect people in all walks of life. These are the things that keep me glued to the car community.

Matthew Provenzano

Restoration & Service Technician

I’ve been with Gaswerks Garage for 2 years. Since I was young, I’ve been intrigued by classic cars. I went to a technical high school to learn as much as I could about automotive and got my first job for a drag racing team. When I finally saved up enough money to get my first car, I knew it had to be a classic so I got a 1967 Camaro. I took the car everywhere and began to start the restoration. At a show I saw a 356 Speedster. My jaw dropped, the car was stunning. My senior year of high school I went for a job interview at Gaswerks Garage and have been there ever since. I now have my dream job learning everything I can about these timeless cars.

Fred Helder

Restoration & Service Technician

My first encounter in the automotive field came in 1999 where I began my first job at Maple Auto repairs in Fair Lawn NJ. I would work after school every day to buy the car of my dreams. On my 18th birthday I purchased a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco 16v. and have been in love with German cars ever since. After high school graduation, I attended Bergen Community College where I majored in mechanical engineering. Following that I attended Lincoln Technical Institute in Mahwah, NJ to turn my passion for cars into a career. In 2005, I was hired as a technician at Prestige BMW in Ramsey, NJ where I became a factory trained BMW master technician and where the BMW E30 M3 caught my eye for the first time. After working at BMW for 10 years, I became the shop foreman at Prestige MINI and later became the Service Manager. One year ago, I began working at Gaswerks Garage and have not looked back ever since. Classic BMW's and air-cooled Porsches are not only what i am passionate about, they are a way of life.