1972 Porsche 914/6 GT Tribute

One of our most prized builds in the Gaswerks Garage collection is our 1972 Porsche 914/6 GT Tribute.

Towards the end of the 1960’s, Porsche was seeking a replacement for their entry level 912. Through a joint venture development with Volkswagen, the 914 was born. Of the nearly 119,000 cars produced, only 3,332 were 914/6 models. On March 1, 1970, the 914/6 was homologated for FIA Group 4, the Special Grand Touring car group. This homologation became known as 914/6 GT, and went on to win first in the GT class at the 1970 24 Hours of LeMans.

Our 914/6 GT tribute began its life as an authentic 1972 Porsche 914/6, one of only 3,332 of the nearly 119,000 total 914’s produced. Our particular car was one of the last off of the assembly line during its final model year. The car underwent an extensive restoration and conversion process by Gaswerks Garage to pay homage to the racecar, and has been enjoyed frequently since. Our build is a 2x Werks Reunion Winner, and participated in the Ramshorn Rally as well as Luftgekühlt 5.

Visually, the immediate distinction enthusiasts can make of the GT conversion are the box-shaped steel fender flares that were added. Refinished in the stunning Signal Orange seen on the original GT, Gaswerks fitted the body with authentic lightweight GT fiberglass panels including the GT hood, hood pins and engine cover. The front of the car was outfitted with GT foglights mounted underneath the signature pop-up headlights.

The 914 came in several different engine configurations during its production, and our 914/6 rolled off the assembly line with a 2.0L Type 901/3 Flat 6 making just over 100hp. The first Gaswerks configuration of this build was a 2.7L RS Motor from a Carrera, which gave the car a significant power increase from its stock trim. After being driven and enjoyed many miles, further improvements and tweaks were constantly being made by the Gaswerks masterminds, until the motor was ultimately swapped again to achieve its current and most ambitious form: a 3.0L motor from a 911SC, built into a 3.2L big bore, short-stroke race motor. With a much more potent powerplant mounted in the middle of the 914/6’s balanced chassis, our 914/6GT build evolved from a driver’s car to a track weapon.

Conducting the symphony of the 3.2L Flat 6’s engine note is a stainless steel sport exhaust with a factory sport muffler, with heater boxes mounted to the headers supplying the cabin with heat.

To support the dramatic power increase is an upgraded clutch mated to the 914/6’s original transmission.

Our 914/6 GT sits on 15×7″ Fuchs RSR wheels in the front, with 15×8″ Minilites mounted in the rear. While the Fuchs wheels are lighter than the Minilites, they were not produced in a width that would accommodate the wider rear track of our car. Stopping power was also enhanced with an overhauled braking system. The original rubber brake lines were swapped for stainless steel that eliminate swelling and brake fade that occurs on stock vehicles after hot laps. The factory disc brakes were substituted with vented rotors from a ’73 911 Carrera, and more aggressive pads all around.

The 914 chassis has always been praised for its superior balance and weight distribution, though Gaswerks sought to further enhance that performance. Koni shocks were installed in each corner for adjustable dampening for both street and track use. Front and rear sway bars were added to compliment the tortion bars and further improve chassis rigidity.

The interior was not overlooked as either, fully re-carpeted and reupholstered. The 914 seats were refinished in black leather, with orange deviated stitching to match the Signal Orange exterior, and modern retractable belts securing the driver and passenger. Front and center on the instrument panel is a 10,000 RPM Tachometer. To the right of the dashboard are Tag Heuer rally watches, alluding to the GT’s racing heritage.

It’s easy to see why our 914/6 GT Tribute is one of Gaswerks’ most prized creations- where history and heritage meets performance and pure driving pleasure.

While this 914 remains in our private collection, Gaswerks can build you your dream 914, or perform any one of the upgrades seen here on our 914/6 GT Tribute onto your 914. Contact Gaswerks Garage today for more information.

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